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The rail industry is growing worldwide providing economic development and environmental benefits by delivering safe and sustainable networks. Traffic volumes and rail speeds for both passenger and freight trains are increasing and require improved protection for passengers as well as to meet exacting standards of operability, maintainability and low life cycle costs.

Rail networks and rolling stock are inherently safe but accidents can happen and the highest level of impact crash energy management is required for a wide range of conditions.

Oleo provides crash energy management products and services to rail operators and train manufacturers. Over 1,000,000 Oleo hydraulic and deformation impact energy absorbers are in daily operation around the world; meeting the requirements for higher levels of protection for passenger and freight rolling stock and operating needs such as higher coupling speeds.

Rail projects often require unique trains due to variations in infrastructure, environment, regulations and operating practices. Neither time nor cost permit prototype trains to conduct operating trials and crash testing. At the same time crash energy management systems are increasingly complex; incorporating anti climbers, buffers, couplers and crush elements. Oleo provide sophisticated simulation of collisions to evaluate the crash energy management system across the train as well as energy absorption devices that are correlated by over thirty years of full size testing. The services and products provided to the rail industry include:

  • 1 dimensional simulation of train collisions using proprietary software.

  • 3 dimensional multi body dynamics simulation of train collisions incorporating proprietary algorithms.

  • Anti climbers.

  • Coupler energy absorption modules.

  • Side buffers.

  • Crash buffers.

  • Terminal buffer stops.

  • Draft gear.

  • Container & trailer cushioning.