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Oleo 2D

Oleo 2D offers multi body dynamic simulation of train collisions. This uses the well established Adams platform with proprietary Oleo modules. Detailed three dimensional models of vehicles in the train are created including their detailed geometry in key locations, suspension characteristics and crash energy management system incorporating couplers, buffers, anti climbers and crush zones. Oleo can create a simplified model to simulate just the vertical movement to analyze vehicle over riding tendencies on a straight track and also highly complex models that can analyze lateral movement arising from vehicle misalignment and track topography.

Oleo 2D can rapidly analyze many scenarios and train configurations to optimise the energy management strategy and help select the key components and their space requirements to indicate if the solution can be accommodated on the preferred vehicle platform or if customisation is required.

The analysis offered by Oleo 2D can be used effectively at the start of any new train project to select the appropriate energy management strategy at the early stages, indicating the likelihood of achieving a known collision performance. Early simulation analysis can reduce costs as well as project lead time by reducing the need for customised couplers at a later stage or worse, vehicle geometry modifications.